Cindy Hinant’s Art

In contrast to the noted street artist working in the medium of and need of wall stickers in Brisbane Cristina Vanko, another one of the pioneering urban artists working in this medium, Cindy Hinant, eschews political statements in favour of trying to have her audience think about and engage playfully with their city’s street scapes. While both artists aim to have the by passers that witness their street art to reflect critically on objects in their streets, while Cristina Vanko wishes to have her audiences reflect on the necessity for political, economic, and social change in order to address the impending crisis of anthropogenic climate change.
Cindy Hinant simply aims to have her audience see the potential for play and spontaneity in the familiar urban surroundings to which they may have already become jaded or inured. Cindy Hinant’s art adopts the classical hyper colourful, kinetic, and cute aesthetic that is traditionally associated with commercially produced stickers for children. One of the aspects of Cindy Hinant’s art that she is most well known for is her penchant for playing with the border line between the cute and the strange. As Cindy Hinant says herself: ‘one bunny rabbit is cute, thousands of them is something else altogether’, and the psychedelic qualities of her art have been noted.
While a common trope in contemporary visual art (and especially the nineties) is to contrast the cute and the grotesque, both in the medium of wall murals in Perth and in other media, this is not a common theme in Cindy Hinant’s work. Rather, she aims to use familiar ‘cute’ archetypes and motifs in order to open up the street scape and invite her audiences to find nostalgia and fun in everyday places. In addition to her sticker street art, for which she is perhaps best known, Cindy Hinant has also worked in the field of spontaneous / unauthorised installation art, such as her.
Drinkingfountainscape, a field of pink mountains that cluster in the corners and nooks of the recessed concrete drinking fountain in which she installed it. Mountains and hills are a common motif throughout Cindy Hinant’s body of work. She has expressed in an interview that this is as a result of her childhood in the flat and relatively geologically uninteresting American Mid Western state of Indiana, where the earth is very level. She describes her astonishment at the first time that she travelled with her family to the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado in the United States of America at the number of craggy mountains that are present there.
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